Team Hughes Outdoors is more than just a team. We are a family.  Our team members cherish the outdoors, are stewards for their local wildlife, and provide positive mentorship through conservation and community outreach. Our members share these core values as well as a deep connection to the outdoors.


A team member for Hughes Outdoors can expect early and reduced-price access to innovative products that yield unparalleled results. We expect team members taking part in an “at-will” one-year agreement to act respectfully as a representative of the Hughes Outdoors brand. You will build brand excitement and create positive awareness to outdoors and hunting lifestyles through all your available social media outlets. Public event opportunities such as trade shows, festivals, and hunting camp meetings will be available as well as exclusive team member gear, contests, raffles and gatherings.


Because customer satisfaction is our foremost priority, only those team members that conduct themselves in a professional manor, produce high quality content, provide sustained results and a commitment to the brand will be continuing service in year two. It’s simple, the longer you’re with us, the better the benefits. Hughes Outdoors will continue to innovate the hunting and fishing industries for many years to come while promoting conservation and sustainable growth.

                                      2021 Field Staff Applications


Paul Smith

"I’ve been an outdoor enthusiast since I was 6 yrs old. 46 years later I find more joy in helping others accomplishing their first harvest whether it’s hunting or fishing. Owning an outdoor shooting facility in NC, our training has helped 100’s in achieving their goals literally around the world hunting. Bow hunting has become an addiction and this past season I was able to harvest my largest bow kill. Using Hughes Outdoor Products was definitely a major player in this happening."

carl and mocscrapebright.png

Robert Pendergrass

Let me introduce myself I'm Robert Pendergrass a North Carolina native , father of three . I started deer hunting over 40 years ago , for some people it’s a hobby or a weekend passion for me it’s a way of life! When it’s not hunting season it’s what can I do to make my hunting season better!  The deer in the picture we named skyscraper he was taken in northern Granville County a couple years back ! I’m now proud to be a part of Hughes Outdoors ! Remember we all just live down the road !