The "Scent of the Wild"


Hughes Outdoors "Scent of the Wild" Doe Urine is the purest and freshest natural deer scent on the market. Pure and natural scents MUST be packaged correctly to ensure the most effective product possible.  Once collected, we vacuum seal every bottle. This method of distribution provides the GREATEST potential for capturing natural pheromones lost by other brands and reducing the ammonization of our product. Using a pump style cap, we mimic the habits of deer in the wild. Packaged in UV resistant bottles and refrigerated until point of sale. Our customers say that “Scent of the Wild” is the only deer scent available that accurately replicates a deer's scent in the wild. Stop using that old, dusty deer scent and start using  "Scent of the Wild".


All urine based products are tested utilizing Rt-QuIC and verified to be Chronic Wasting Disease free.

Scent of the Wild 2 oz

SKU: 0001
  • 2  oz bottle.

    Refrigerate when not in use.

  • No returns allowed on Scent based products.