The Freshest Scent Available on the Market

Refrigerated Until the          Point of Sale.

   100% PURE

No Preservatives

   Shipped Cold to Your

Door for Premium Quality

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"Scent of the Wild" isn't just a brand. Scent of the wild means that the product you are using is as close to the natural scent of a deer in the wilderness as possible.

"Scent of the Wild" deer scents have passed numerous chemical and physical tests warranting its title. Starting with a premium quality source is key to maintaining the natural scent of the animal and our standards guarantee that. Packaged in UV resistant bottles, this method prevents bacterial growth that needs light to flourish. Refrigeration of our product ensures optimal conditions until in the customers hands guaranteeing them a Premium Quality product.

The scent you use may make you smell like a deer. However, you wont smell like "Scent of the Wild".